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Driving Lessons
Our driving lessons are booked per hour. Each lesson will focus on a specific area of driving allowing you to become familiar with each step before moving onto the next. There is no set limit for how many lessons you will need, everyone is different and we won’t suggest you take your test until you are absolutely ready.
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Pass Plus
Pass Plus is a training course aimed at new drivers. It allows new drivers; 6 hours of lessons in the following situations to hone the skills that they have already learnt to prepare them for every possible driving condition.
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Refresher Courses
Refresher courses are designed to help those drivers that have not been on the road for some time due to many reasons. The course aims to help these drivers become comfortable and confident with driving again in a calm and understanding environment.
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Intensive Courses
These courses will get you on the road fast. You will cover all the areas of driving that you would have done had you taken individual lessons but in a much shorter time frame.
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